22 de junio de 2010

VII Simposio Internacional Nuevos Cultivos Florícolas

22-25 de noviembre 2011

En Buenos Aires

Nuevos Cultivos Ornamentales

Convoca y Organiza

INTA - Instituto de Floricultura
Gabriela Facciuto -Convocante-

Paula Bologna - Alejandra Wicky

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First Announcement

We are pleased to announce the VII International Symposium on New Floricultural Crops to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 22-25th, 2011.

The Symposium will cover aspects related to the exploration and collection of ornamental genetic resources, domestication, characterization, breeding and biotechnology as well as propagation and culture market trends. The principal objective is to discuss the utilization of sustainable biodiversity through the introduction of native ornamental plants.

The compilation of the research information generated at the symposium will be published at the Acta Horticulturae after acceptance from the Scientific Committee.

It is our pleasure to invite all researchers, scientists, professionals and public interested on ornamental plants to participate in this event. The symposium will provide the opportunity for people to discuss recent research and exchange experiences.

Meanwhile, we are looking forward to seeing you in Argentina in 2011! For more information visit our homepage: http://www.inta.gov.ar/floricultura/newornamentals2011/index.asp

Gabriela Facciuto (Convener)

Paula Bologna (Secretariant)

Alejandra Wicky (Secretariant)

Instituto de Floricultura
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